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Blueberry Street Films is currently raising financing for a number of projects which include television shows such as The Funky Fusion Masters, a half hour comedy/musical pilot in the line of The 70s musical comedy hit The Monkees as well as documentaries and short film projects. We are also developing the feature film The Temptress Ariel, a love story of two schizophrenics.

Blueberry Street Films have a number of unique investment opportunities for investors, both big and small, to get involved in the financing of these and other projects. The investment in Blueberry Street Films projects can be through direct equity investment in the films, shareholders’ loans as well as direct investment in a particular project.

There are many advantages to investing in the film business, including tax benefits and very handsome returns.

Serious investors can contact producer R. Paul Dhillon. All investment transactions will be done through our company's law firm. Investors are welcome to read a detailed script of the project they are interested investing in.


Blueberry Street Films offers our investors a little bit extra for their loyalty. Those who invest $50,000 or more will get the full star treatment. We have a unique marketing strategy that involves traditional and internet marketing, hyping our projects from the get go to ensure maximum exposure before they hit television and DVD markets. We want our partners to benefit from the increased exposure of our films and here are some of the ways we hope that will be able to maximize their investment.

*The Investor's picture and name or company name and logo will appear in a special glossy brochure that will commemorate the making of the film they invest in, which will be distributed as promotional material to the media and the general public.

*The Investor and his family will be special guests at an exclusive premier and party for the film.
*The Investor will receive a special DVD copy of the finished film.

To receive PRODUCER or EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT, please contact us and we can discuss the terms and conditions that apply.

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R. Paul Dhillon’s The Bhangra Generation Makes its World Premiere this sunday On OMNI
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